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OVERVIEW: The ISES Esprit® Awards program is a globally recognized awards competition that honors the exceptional professional achievements of individuals and organizations from across the ISES membership, representing all facets of the event. For over 20 years, the ISES Esprit® Awards program has been one of the most dynamic multi-disciplinary events industry awards programs, attracting an exceptional range, depth and quality of entries.

The Esprit Awards program is guided by the International ISES Esprit® Awards Committee to ensure the current awards reflect the ever evolving events industry and represents the talented individuals who provide the services. Each year, ISES leaders fine-tune the program to reflect the most relevant advancements in the creative events industry.


Click here for the 2015 ISES Esprit Award Nominees

HISTORYIn its twentieth consecutive year, the ISES Esprit Awards® program has a rich history of honoring excellence in the special events industry. The awards competition was conceptualized as a means to increase industry awareness, elevate professionalism, and inspire growth in an emerging profession. Established in 1995, the awards recognized ISES members’ influential contributions that impacted the advancement of the creative events industry.

As the events industry experienced worldwide success and advanced into a sustainable industry, the Esprit Awards became a symbol of industry excellence and evolved into one of the most respected, prestigious awards competitions.

The awards application has changed over the years to reflect the advancements and developments of the events industry; however even though the application changes, the ISES Esprit Awards continue to mirror the original vision and purpose of the program’s founders -- to celebrate and honor ISES members best, most creative and innovative contributions to the industry.